Facebook Messenger M

Facebook declared a plenty of new elements for Facebook Messenger M at their F8 meeting yesterday. Significant accentuation was on the talk bots which got off to a rough begin on dispatch a year ago. To build their prevalence, the online networking mammoth is attempting to make them less demanding to discover and utilize.

Facebook Messenger M Enhanced Features

Here’s a rundown of changes made to Facebook Messenger M.

Discovery Option

Tapping on the new hexagon lightning stamped catch will take you to the Discover tab. You can get to various organizations and administrations straightforwardly from that point, each with their own particular bot. It’s similar to an application store for talk bots. Tap on one to begin visiting with them specifically. You can scan for them or view the included bots on the principle “Discover” page.

Facebook Messenger M 1

Chat Extensions

Facebook is planning to make Facebook Messenger M a one-stop look for everything. You won’t have to change applications to impart something specifically to your talk gathering.

For instance, in the occasion that you need to impart a tune to your companions, tap on the + symbol on the base left inside a talk. There you can see the Spotify expansions through which you can impart a specific collection or melody to your companions. When somebody doesn’t have a Spotify account, they might have the capacity to tune into a little clasp of the tune while others can hear the entire thing.

Facebook Messenger M 2

Same goes for requesting sustenance, searching for eateries and so forth. Google Assistant in Allo does likewise, however.

New Suggestions from M

Talking about requesting nourishment, Facebook Messenger M assistant is presently incorporated with delivery.com. When you discuss nourishment in your visit, M will naturally show up offering proposals about where to request it from.

When your companion approaches you for cash, M will come up again demonstrating to you Facebook’s installment strategies for sharing money. As it were, Facebook Messenger M will dependably be there perusing your discussions, watching what you share or discuss and intercede at whatever point important.

It sounds like the break of protection however it’s simply discretionary, you can impair M when you need to.

QR Scanner

Not any more mishandling for the camera application for examining arbitrary QR codes. You can do it specifically from the Messenger application, to say the least. There are unique Messenger QR codes you can output to interface with marked bots. It isn’t so much that enormous of an element yet it’s a pleasant expansion in any case.


Like the find tab added to the home screen, Facebook is including a diversion tab also (the amusement controller symbol). With that, it’s including support for turn-construct recreations in light of Facebook Messenger M where individuals from your discussions can each alternate to make their moves.

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