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A day before, it was reported that Facebook would dispatch its support for 360-degree Live streams, called Live 360, which will produce the Facebook 360 Degree Video for you. Today on thirteenth December 2016, National Geographic’s Facebook page will distribute the first Facebook 360 Degree Video at twelve Pacific time (1 AM on Dec fourteenth in Pakistan) as researchers rise out of 80 days in confinement units at Utah’s Mars Desert Research Station.

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Facebook 360 Degree Video Option

The Live stream will include footage from the scene of Mars and meetings with the specialists.

About the Mars Isolation Pods

Facebook 360 Degree Video 1

These seven space researchers from around the globe have spent their previous 80 days in disconnection units, reenacting each part of life on Mars. National Geographic will be live on Facebook as these researchers rise out of their cases. The researchers will give us a chance to observe on some off-camera activity, permitting us to perceive how they suit up in their space suits, investigate the living quarters, take a meanderer out for a drive over the surface of Mars, and a great deal more.

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How Facebook 360 Degree Video Looks Like?

Facebook will even take inquiries from the Facebook crowd in their Q&A session with the specialists, authors, and scholars. Live 360 videos will be made accessible to more pages through the Live API in the coming months, and it will take off for every one of the pages and profiles one year from now. A case of Facebook VR in real life.

Facebook 360 Degree Video 2

At this moment there’s no support for VR headsets in Facebook Live 360 videos, yet you can watch the replays there. There’s no support for 4K determination at this moment either or sound from space, yet Facebook says that they have “things they’re pondering.” Hope this aspect will enhance the Facebook enjoyment more. What do you think? Share your feelings with us.

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