Android Security Holes

Find Android security holes and get paid. You could be pardoned for forgetting about Android security imperfections. In the most recent year or somewhere in the vicinity, a few shockingly huge ones have showed up – including a fresh out of the plastic new one made open in August 2016 with Check Point – influencing enormous quantities of Android handsets and even Marshmallow (6.x), as far as anyone knows the most recent and most noteworthy variant of Google’s portable OS.

Truth be told, Android has endured a constant flow of blemishes awesome and little, which wouldn’t make any difference if not for a solitary unconformable certainty – Android is unpredictable to fix.

Android Security Holes Can Pay You

Do you realize that you can get paid for discovering security issues in Android? It is fundamentally what Google offers with its Android Security Rewards (ASR) program, propelled around two years back. Rewards shift uncontrollably relying upon the way of the helplessness found, however, Google says the normal remuneration paid to people is $2150 for each substantial claim they make, and many specialists have gotten installments of $10000 or more in the course of the most recent two years. Altogether, over $1.5 million have been paid so far to groups and people contributing with indicating the Android Security Holes.

Two thousand is a long way from the greatest abundance, however. Google has several substantially heftier prizes to go to the individuals who prevail in basically bargaining Android’s security with some particular remotely controlled assaults. These prizes for the Android Security Holes remain at $200,000 and $150,000 as of this current month. Intrigued? You can discover more insights about the Android Security Rewards program by taking after the connection given beneath.

Discussing security, Google’s ASR activity is the thing that assists with giving a month to month security updates to Android clients. When you possess a genuinely late Android gadget, odds are you’re getting these currently, and if all else fails, there is a simple approach to check whether your telephone has the latest patches. Simply go to the Settings menu > About phone > Software data and discover the line that expresses the Android security fix level.

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