Donald Trump Cell Phone

Did you hear the unsecured Android Donald Trump cell phone that recently that has surrendered, however then obviously didn’t really surrender? Things had apparently gone quiet on that front as the world took some time out to concentrate on whatever is left of the downpour of madness that is legislative issues in 2017.

At present, nonetheless, the Donald Trump cell phone story is raising its head once more, as California Congressman Ted Lieu has proposed an examination concerning stories that report Trump is as yet utilizing his unsecured Android handset (an old Samsung Galaxy S3, obviously), official security be condemned.

Donald Trump Cell Phone Security

Rep. Lieu has asked for that the House Oversight in addition to the Government Reform Committee hold an analytical hearing into the reports that the president is endangering national security by offensively neglecting to execute rational safety efforts no matter how you look at it.

An official statement fixing to the letter likewise makes reference to reports about Trump talking atomic system at a supper table in Mar-a-Lago. Lieu includes the letter, Cybersecurity specialists generally concur that a customary Android smartphone, which the President is apparently utilizing in spite of rehashed notices from the Secret Service, can be effortlessly hacked, calling it  a terrible attack against national security.

The letter, co-marked by 15 individuals from Congress, additionally makes reference to an issue that should demonstrate commonplace to any individual who gave careful consideration amid the decision, referring to the White House staff’s charged utilization of unsecure email accounts. We would help the Chairmen to remember Congressional Republicans’ worries over the utilization of private email by Secretary Clinton, the letter states, including that an open hearing is required to guarantee the security of such interchanges and also the ampleness of record holding systems as required under government law.

The security of the President Donald Trump cell phone should be far above the ground. Share your thoughts with us.

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