Cybercrime Act

The FIA on Saturday captured a lady from Sialkot for participating in coercing activities over online networking, making her the principal lady to be charged under the Cybercrime Act.

As indicated by daily paper sources, Sadia Mirza has been blamed for coercing Ahsan Rana, an occupant of London, over Facebook. His Pakistan-based sibling, Hassan Rana, recorded the protest, guaranteeing that Mirza had sent his sibling undermining messages and requested cash, against the Cybercrime Act. According to the FIR, Mirza has been accused of sending undermining, damaging, and obscene messages.

Cybercrime Act Clauses

The examination and capture were attempted by a group headed by Inspector Humaira Kanwal. Mirza has been moved to the ladies’ area of the nearby police headquarters on remand. A body of evidence has been enrolled against her under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 – statements 20 (1) and 24(b)(c). Statement 24(b)(c) of the Cybercrime Act, which relates to digital stalking, peruses as takes after.

A man submits the offense of digital stalking who, with the aim to constrain or scare or hassle any individual, utilizes data framework, data framework arrange, the internet, site, electronic mail or some other comparable methods for correspondence to –

(b) Screen the utilization by a man of the web, electronic mail, instant message or some other type of electronic correspondence;

(c) Watch or spy upon a man in a way that outcomes in dread of brutality or genuine caution or pain, in the brain of such individual.

The Cybercrime Act was passed by the National Assembly a year ago after much thought and restriction from specific gatherings. The law empowers better direction of advanced media in Pakistan, and forces strict punishments for contribution in cybercrime.

The implementation of the Cybercrime Act in Pakistan for every accuser is the demand of the day. What you think about it? Share with us.

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