Cyber Crime Bill

The implementation of the cyber crime bill is in practice. Another man was captured for extorting a lady on Facebook by posting uncovering photos of a lady on the long range interpersonal communication site. With the “Cyber Crime Act 2016” set up, more instances of these sorts are being enrolled, with the guilty parties enduring the worst part of the law.

Cyber Crime Bill and Blackmailing

Sheikh Tauqeer Ahmed made a fake Facebook profile of a lady and transferred illegal photos of her on the record. He then coerced her into paying Rs. 200,000 for bringing down the photos. The lady with her family held up a grumbling with the FIA’s cyber crime wing and a request was propelled. The cyber crime wing then followed the suspect and captured him on November ninth. He has been accused of extorting and caricaturing under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act.

Detail of Accounts and Money

After his capture, he was given over to the FIA on November tenth for two days. Sheikh Tauqeer was then introduced before a judge on Saturday. Sub-examiner Fazal Mabood, who was exploring the case, told the court that they had recouped PINs of the false Facebook account and the email address utilized by the suspect for making the record. The authorities have not yet recouped the blackmailed cash from the suspect starting at this point. A six-day physical remand was asked for from the court to examine assist into the matter and find and capture some other associates the suspect may have. The court gave them just a two-day remand and advised the FIA authorities to show the suspect in court again on Monday (today).

An Underlying Trend of Cyber Crime Bill

There is by all accounts a basic pattern to these cyber crime grievances and captures happening in the course of recent months. The individual normally coerces a young lady or a lady by posting her photos on Facebook, however, the considerable thing is that they can now be followed and captured expeditiously. No doubt, the cyber crime bill is essential for us.

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