CSS Papers

A lower court of Islamabad Thursday sent the blamed to imprison on 14‑day legal remand for a situation of releasing fake CSS papers by transferring them on Facebook through a counterfeit female record. The court additionally coordinated the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to submit finish challan of the case inside 14 days. The FIA created the charged Muhammad Arif Khan in the court of Senior Civil Judge Abdul Ghafoor Kakar. The authority educated the court that the CSS papers blamed the person who was the inhabitant for Faisalabad had made a sham Facebook account with the name of a female ‘Sadia kauser’.

After the CSS papers leak investigation, it was uncovered that the charged was utilized to transfer the papers with some altering not long after any paper was directed. The FIA had recuperated the portable workstation and cell phone from the charged, which had checked the asserted routine of fraud. The court sent the charged to imprison on legal remand until April 26. It might be said here that the FIA had enlisted an argument against Muhammad Arif on the protest stopped by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).

Despite that, as per the FPSC, Chairman FPSC, keeping in view the gravity of the issue of charged spillage of inquiries of the question papers for Central Superior Services (CSS) Exam 2017, promptly constituted a departmental advisory group headed part FPSC with the command to test into the matter inside.

About CSS Papers

The Central Superior Services (indicated as CSS papers) is a world class perpetual bureaucratic expert, and the common administration. It is in charge of running the regular citizen bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan. The common administration characterized itself as key wheels on which the whole motor of the state needs to move. Derived from the provincial legacy of the previous Indian Civil Service, the common administration came into its cutting edge arrangement instantly after the foundation of Pakistan as a Civil Service of Pakistan.

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