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Since its dispatch in 2008, Stack Overflow has turned into the go-to group for talking about programming-related inquiries. Presently the administration is propelling another item that plans to tackle its group to fabricate a supply of associated evaluated specialized documentation. Stack Overflow Documentation needs to be a supplement and perhaps a substitution for existing direction manuals and comparable assets.

Stack Overflow Documentation

Much the same as we did with Q&A, the objective of Documentation is to take care of true designer issues, said Jay Hanlon, Stack Overflow VP. By outfitting the whole of good programming learning on the planet, we can make something more valuable than any individual or group could all alone.


The Stack Overflow group lets me know that each tag on a Q&A can likewise be a tag on Documentation. There are presently right around 50,000 labels being used on the site. The group additionally takes note of that clients will have the capacity to compose Documentation for dialect highlights and different innovations and items. The organization says the center of Stack Overflow Documentation will be progressing past definitions and on giving genuine cases. That gets to be clear when you take a gander at how pages are composed. To start with come the illustrations and at exactly that point data about parameters and punctuation, with extra remarks at the base of the page.


Stack Overflow seeded its Documentation pages amid its private beta, which began the previous fall. It’s significant that it’s not bringing in documentation from different sources but rather is rather depending on its group to make the greater part of this substance without any preparation. This feature worked truly well for the organization’s Q&A item, which is currently definitely positioned at the highest point of Google’s outcomes when you scan for any programming-related question. Odds are, a similar will happen with Documentation, as well.

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