AOMEI PE Builder

Now that Windows itself can create Windows PE, why need third-party tool to create? That’s because third-party tool is better than Windows built-in program. Traditional Windows pre-installtation environment needs installing AIK/WAIK while AOMEI PE Builder does not. From this point, AOMEI PE Builder is easier to handle, without AIK/WAIK also saves time of preparation. Traditional Windows PE used command prompt to operate, which seems to invisible, AOMEI PE Builder has a visual window, user-friendly graphical interface and familiar Windows environment. Moreover, AOMEI PE Builder can build customized bootable environment based on Windows PE. That is to say, it surpasses original Win PE, it can realized many goals that Win PE can’t achieve.

Read About AOMEI PE Builder

Read here, if you are interested in this software, you can download and try. Next, I will show how to use it for our readers. I think you believe AOMEI PE Builder is better, but when do we need it? What is it used for? Well, using AOMEI PE Builder to create a bootable media, which can help you solve trouble the first time. If you can’t enter in Windows suddenly, you can enter the bootable environment by bootable media created with AOMEI PE Builder, and then fix errors or restore to normal earlier point. In fact, many backup software can create bootable media. Yes, AOMEI another famous product – AOMEI Backupper contains such tool and AOMEI PE Builder integrates AOMEI Backupper Standard too. About this, I will tell you later. If virus made your system break down, you can enter in the environment and then anti virus. If you forget login password, you can enter in the environment and remove the password. In the bootable environment created by AOMEI PE Builder, you can add all your needed tool to solve problems.

How to Use AOMEI PE Builder

OK, let us see how to use AOMEI PE Builder. Download the latest version from AOMEI website, install and open it. You can see its first interface as follow. This interface is a preface and tutorial links. Click Next to go. The second interface shows the program detects your system supports creating bootable media, click Next button again.

AOMEI PE Builder 1

Third Step

In the third step. You can add some inbuilt utilities into the environment as you wish. If you need more, you can click Add Files button to add more tools that are portable. AOMEI PE Builder also allows you to add drivers to pack them to Windows PE. By the way, in the environment created by AOMEI PE Builder, you can connect to Internet and download, install software, but they won’t be saved in the bootable media.

AOMEI PE Builder 2

Forth Step

The forth step, AOMEI PE Builder supports creating three kinds of bootable media: CD/DVD, USB flash drive and ISO file. Choose a one, and click next will start to create.

AOMEI PE Builder 3

Enter in the environment is easy just adjust the boot order. The environment is familiar to Windows 7, including desktop, Windows explorer, start menu, taskbar, free partition manager – AOMEI Partition Assistant and free backup software – AOMEI Backupper Standard, etc.

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