Chikungunya Virus

A most recent flare-up of a strange infection in the Malir region of Karachi has started bits of gossip with respect to the birthplace and name of said ailment. Numerous news channels and media outlets reported the sickness just like the Chikungunya virus. Nearby therapeutic specialists said that the sickness could be brought on by the Chikungunya virus yet no firm conclusion has been come to yet. What’s more, now the World Health Organization has at long last said something regarding the matter also.

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Pakistan Has no Chikungunya Virus

As indicated by late reports by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health, no instance of Chikungunya virus has been recorded in Pakistan at this moment. Any data coursing about the same in the media is off base and misdirecting. The announcement discharged by the Ministry of Health and WHO says, the WHO, the Ministry of Health, and the Sindh Department of Health are working intently in the wake of these unverified reports and are completing epidemiological examinations.

It is imperative to note that despite the fact that Chikungunya cases have existed in Pakistan, right now there are no cases introduce in the nation.

About Chikungunya Virus

The virus is from an indistinguishable group of viruses from the Dengue and Zika virus. Contrasted with its kin, the Chikungunya virus is known to bring about minimal mischief to a man’s wellbeing. It is additionally transmitted by a similar mosquito which conveys the Dengue virus. Measures for controlling the Dengue virus are now set up so regardless of the possibility that a Chikungunya flare-up happens, it can be effectively checked.

Pakistan is Ready To Face Any Kind of Epidemic

The External Evaluation Mission of specialists of the WHO Regional Committee of the Eastern Mediterranean Region have discharged their report for Pakistan. Their report specifies that Pakistan is prepared to confront any kind of pestilence occasion happening later on. Evaluations have been directed in the majority of the regions. Pakistan is accommodating with International Health Regulations 2005 also.

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