Chikungunya Cases

Out of the five cases sent to the National Institute of Health (NIH), Islamabad, for a conclusion, three Chikungunya cases have shown. It developed on Thursday. The specimens were taken from Saudabad Hospital in Malir and sent to NIH. These three Chikungunya cases were the initially affirmed cases of patients experiencing Chikungunya, a viral ailment transmitted to people by contaminated mosquito nibbles in Pakistan.

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Chikungunya Cases in Karachi

The Chikungunya cases come into being after the malady has risen after a few patients experiencing high review fever and joint torment were taken to Saudabad Hospital in Malir on November 19. As per the discoveries of the reports, the blood example sent by Saudabad Hospital, Karachi, of Zohaib, 9, Umer, 11, and Ikhlaque, 45, have been proclaimed the Chikungunya cases. The reports pouring in recommended that more than 3,000 individuals have experienced this infection, which first spread in Tanzania in 1952, after which it was recognized in more than 60 nations in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

Specialists affirm that 86 associated cases with Chikungunya have surfaced yet the quantity of cases is declining with every passing day. Heaps of individuals visit doctor’s facilities with fever yet we have just 86 suspected in Saudabad and alMustafa Welfare Hospital in Malir area, said Karachi health executive Dr Waheed Panhwar. We have now begun legitimate treatment with the solutions of suspected patients experiencing this ailment. Panhwar expected that the ailment, which is just kept to Malir for the present, can spread to different zones, as well.

The Health Minister Dr Sikandar Mandhro said that they will soon dispatch a crusade teaching individuals about the ailment. Interestingly, deductively, this viral sickness has surfaced, he said. In such cases, exactness is the best system. He included that each individual experiencing fever with joint agony can’t be a case of this illness and patients should be legitimately checked for conclusion and treated in like manner.

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