Asura Game

It’s uncommon to see a game from an Indian studio that isn’t founded on Bollywood or cricket. All things considered, those subjects have been sheltered business wagers for some an engineer in the nation. That is the thing that makes Asura game. Sanskrit word for evil presence, and appreciated the much-needed refresher. The Asura game is a roguelike, which is a sub-sort of pretending games (RPGs). It accentuates battle in arbitrarily produced levels, and where the demise of your characters implies you need to begin from the earliest starting point.

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Asura Game Review

Before getting into the Asura game itself we were dealt with by a somewhat long opening true to life comprising of craftsmanship boards that clarify how your character — an evil presence – came to be. It’s expertly voiced in Hindi (went down by the essential subtitles). Also, makes an awesome showing with regards to in adding a feeling of air to the procedures and setting you up for what’s in store.

With the move making a place from an isometric view, much like Diablo, you’ll wreck five unique prisons in the Asura game. Also, their supervisors to square off against the King of the Daeva Empire who was in charge of transforming you into an evil spirit in any case. All the standard RPG mechanics and frameworks are available and represented. Evading and assaulting expends stamina, you can’t cast spells forever. There’s a chill off period for them and diverse adversaries have distinctive shortcomings.

En route you’ll kick the bucket. Truth be told, you’ll kick the bucket frequently. Much like Dark Souls, Asura game isn’t pardoning. It’s intense, however, it’s reasonable. Demise guarantees you begin from the earliest starting point. Through an apparently interminable number of resurrections you’ll figure out how to monitor your stamina before getting a hit; time your enchantment spells for most extreme harm. Moreover, switch amongst scuffle and went weaponry relying upon the adversaries around you.

Asura Game Battles

From avoiding approaching assaults to cudgeling adversaries with a mammoth mallet, the minute to the minute gameplay of Asura game is fulfilling. As you advance, you’ll run over a large group of plunder. Be it press swords or lances, there’s a great deal of it to circumvent that permit you to modify your playthrough as you see fit. Like most RPGs, executing foes nets you encounter indicates permitting you to acquire control. These focuses can be utilized to buy abilities from an expertise tree.

Much like The Binding of Isaac, each time you play Asura game, you have entry to an alternate arrangement of capacities. Thus, this changes gameplay massively. We found the initial few managers an agony to experience as the abilities accessible to utilize for the most part took into account a lift in wellbeing or stamina. As we continued playing, this changed to the point where we could summon circles of lightning, which made a wide range of adversaries a cakewalk — until obviously we wound up manhandling this blessing and abused it to the point where we were flanked by a huge amount of enemies. It brought about a ruthless demise and the very natural game over screen.

Asura Game Character Design

In any case, we continued returning for more on account of the cleaned battle and a sheer measure of rigging to reveal. We found an unforeseen pleasure in Asura game character plan, especially as far as the restriction. You’ll end up against human spell-casters, mammoths, and warriors that wouldn’t be strange in the Mahabharata. Moreover, you can select to gather the cadavers of these adversaries to acquire plunder or experience focuses, adding another layer of the system to the gameplay. The feeling of assortment is apparent. This kept the game crisp regardless of the possibility that a few conditions are very basic crosswise over levels. Furthermore, the Asura game UI and additionally text styles appear to be simple, best case scenario.

Final Thought

All things considered, Asura game is a promising presentation from Hyderabad-based Ogre Head Studio. Stellar battle and a liberal measure of assortment make this value looking at regardless of the possibility that you have a passing enthusiasm for the class.


  • Addictive battle
  • Huge amounts of plunder
  • Reasonable valuing


  • Could do with more story
  • UI and textual styles could be better

Visit the official site to download Asura game.

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