Aquila Drone

Facebook continues to be examining its solar-powered unmanned aircraft, Aquila Drone, within the last few years. The net providing drone made its first complete flight previous June, though it failed on landing after the 96-minute flight in Yuma, Arizona. The accident prompted a US investigation, which discovered that the autonomous plane went all the way down because of windy conditions. The 2nd complete flight, just reported by Facebook, came about on May 22, ran for one hour and 46 minutes and landed properly and successfully.

Facebook Views about Aquila Drone Completes its 2nd Test Flight

Facebook says that it enhanced Aquila Drone in accordance with the lessons the drone team mastered with the very first not successful flight. Our team provided new “spoilers” towards the wings to improve drag and reduce lift when landing. The plane presently has a huge selection of new sensors to collect information with, altered auto-pilot software program, new radios, a “smoother finish” along with a horizontal propeller that can help stop the plan when landing. The takeoff in May was normal, reported by Facebook, and climbed at a rate twice as quickly as the initial test flight. The craft does not have any landing gear and lands on Kevlar pads connected to the motor pods. The Aquila Drone landed on the 500-foot circle of level gravel, which happens to be about 6 inches deep while using the consistency of rough sand.

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Aquila's second flight

Posted by Facebook Engineering on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Facebook states this 2nd flight, also in Yuma, was exactly about gathering data.

“We flew lengthy test points at constant speed, heading, and altitude to measure the airplane’s drag,”

The company publishes articles in a blog post.

“The data from these ‘trim shots,’ as they’re called, will be used to refine our aerodynamic models, which help us predict the energy usage and thus optimize for battery and solar array size.”

The efficient launch and subsequent successful landing of this 2nd complete test flight bodes very well for Facebook, who would like to make use of the planes to give internet online connectivity to places on the earth without it.

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