To stamp the yearly LGBT-rights festivity Pride, thousands took to the avenues in urban areas around the globe today, incorporating a few tech organizations in San Francisco. Also, no less than one of those organizations, Apple, came furnished (wristed?) with a fortunate giveaway.

Apple workers who took an interest in its official Pride parade segment got these exceptional rainbow-shaded watch groups that match the LGBT pride banner:

It likewise may be a tricky gesture to Apple’s famous rainbow logo from the year of 1976, albeit any dogmatist worth their salt will let you know that that logo orchestrated the hues in non-ROYGBIV request.

Apple joined with revelers over the world this weekend to observe LGBT rights, with the organization’s representatives and Chief Executive Tim Cook taking an interest in the San Francisco Pride parade.

The organization disseminated rainbow-designed wristbands for the Apple Watch to workers who joined the festivals, as indicated by Reddit client Sakusuhon. Posting a photo of the band, Sakusuhon said they were circulated as presents for enlistment and that Sakusuhon didn’t know whether they would be made accessible to the general population.

This constrained release band is an image of our dedication to uniformity and we trust you’ll wear it with pride, read the card that went with the wristband. They were intended to observe Pride turning 30 this year.

There’s no word yet on whether Apple will offer these rainbow groups to non-representatives, despite the fact that Redditor Sakushon snapped a photo of the organization’s dedicatory note:

This constrained release band is an image of our dedication to uniformity and we trust you’ll wear it with pride, the note peruses.

Other tech and media organizations partaking in the San Francisco release of the Pride parade included Facebook, Google, Lyft, Salesforce and (taking an interest surprisingly) Disney. This watch is very stylish and we wish to have it for the general public as well.

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