Women Harassment

Consistently our newsfeed is overflowed with reports of viciousness women harassment, trailed by garish articulations from our administration authorities to give equity to the mistreated. Such recent motions may assuage the masses yet no amount of retaliation can delete the excruciating recollections that leak profound into the psyches of the casualties and scars them forever.

Accordingly, rather than reacting once all is lost, Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) as a team with the Punjab Commission on Status of Women is outlining an Android application to keep the wrongdoing in advance.

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How Does Women Harassment Android App Function?

  • The application will issue a notice flag that will permit sufferers, under a conceivable danger, to advise the Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication (PPIC3) authorities about their area.
  • Once advised, the underlying reaction group, containing the Dolphin Force, Police Response Unit and Police Stations Beat Officers will be dispatched to the wrongdoing scene.

Instructing the Masses

The thought behind the women harassment application is to give quick help to casualties as well as to produce open mindfulness with respect to harassment and its more extensive definition.

The women harassment application contains a few modes close by a frenzy catch in the event of crisis. In case of a basic circumstance, calls produced using the application will naturally be coordinated to the 15 helpline, where uniquely prepared administrators will take into account the casualties needs in an adept way.

Responding out of drive would not limit wrongdoing but instead touch off it so it is critical to set the line between what characterizes harassment and what doesn’t.

As per Shamsher Haider, Deputy Chief System Integration (PSCA).

Meanings of what constitutes harassment and what does not will be incorporated with the application, so separated from assisting the natives we can likewise instruct them.

Changing Attitudes

The effective use of the women harassment application could do ponders for those in trouble. Though, the same can’t be said for the current equity arrangement of our nation. The disrespectful treatment of female casualties by the law implementation offices has constantly disturbed any odds of reclamation for the mistreated.

Laws for women rights and security exist in the control books and are regularly droned valiantly by human rights activists however hard actualities stand tall as rather than been mollified for their injuries, they are misused and charged for a mistake on their part as opposed to the aggressors.

Accordingly, it is essential that close by making the essential mechanical progressions, fanatical conduct on a portion of harassers and terrorizing are checked and rectified to guarantee that the persecuted can really depend on the framework that was made to secure them.

Hope the women harassment app will solve many issues. What do you say? Please share.

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