Anti HIV Medicines

The Punjab AIDS Control Program will give post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) or the anti HIV medicines to all area and tehsil central station healing centers crosswise over Punjab. The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Additional Secretary (Administration) Dr Adnan Zafar Khan issued the orders regarding the anti HIV medicines in an audit meeting of the AIDS Control Program and Hepatitis Control Program on Thursday.

We are giving PEP medicines to all DHQ and THQ healing facilities in Punjab to diminish the danger of HIV transmission through incidental pricks, he said. The medicines should be made accessible at all key wellbeing focuses. The anti HIV medicines are regarded basic for all social insurance foundations, particularly labs and symptomatic focuses where there is danger of incidental pricks. The pack of tablets is kept in crises to lessen the danger of HIV transmission through needle pricks.

Two tablets of these anti HIV medicines are to be taken promptly after the unintentional prick. The treatment proceeds and the staff is encouraged to contact the Punjab AIDS Control Program for further direction until the course is finished. The meeting members were informed that a drive to enroll beauticians, cantinas and excellence parlors would begin in the primary week of April.

The primary period of the pilot venture will start with enlistment in Lahore. Changes in the arrangement might be made by lessons learnt before the drive is extended over the area, Dr Adnan said.

About Anti HIV Medicines

The administration of HIV/AIDS regularly incorporates the utilization of different anti HIV medicines or the antiretroviral tranquilizes trying to control HIV disease. There are a few classes of antiretroviral specialists that follow up on various phases of the HIV life-cycle.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services and the WHO prescribe offering antiretroviral treatment to all patients with HIV. Because of the many-sided quality of choosing and taking after a regimen, the potential for reactions, and the significance of taking meds routinely to avert viral resistance, such associations underline the significance of including patients in treatment decisions and suggest investigating the dangers and the potential advantages.

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