The Hague: The 100 competitors on the shortlist to build up a human state on the planet Mars are to experience tests as a feature of another period of the determination procedure, the task coordinators declared. Around 200,000 hopefuls from 140 nations at first agreed to the Mars One anticipate, which is to be somewhat financed by a TV reality show.

This has been whittled down to 100 individuals. After the five-day third period of tests, it will be trimmed further to 40, of whom 24 will, in the end, be decided for the restricted treks to the red planet, booked to begin in 2026.

Mars One said the most recent tests, 90 percent of which are those utilized by NASA, will do in groups.

Through the span of five days, applicants will confront different difficulties as indicated by the Dutch-based non-benefit association in an announcement.

It will be the first occasion when all hopefuls will meet in individual and exhibit their abilities as a group. In this round, the hopefuls will assume a dynamic part in the basic leadership/bunch arrangement.

Mars One has requested that the hopefuls bunch themselves into groups with the general population, they trust they can function admirably with. As they won’t come back to Earth, that chose must be equipped for living in little gatherings, discovering water, creating oxygen and developing their own nourishment.

NASA is at present chipping away at three Mars missions with the European Space Agency and arrangements to send another wanderer to Mars in 2020.

In any case, NASA gets ready for a kept an eye on a mission to Mars are not until the 2030s.

It is a true fact that the humans like to have another place for living all the time that should be different from their homeland, the Earth. This is the first step of making this dream come true let’s see what comes in future.


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