Angry Birds Transformers Game

Angry Birds Transformers game is the most recent discharge from Rovio, the makers of the effective Angry Birds line. The game is a takeoff from the slingshot approach of propelling birds at squares with an end goal to thrashing malicious pigs. Rather, you crush your adversaries this time by shooting them down as you keep running at them.

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Angry Birds Transformers Game Review

Furthermore, in another huge change, the birds and pigs have settled their disparities in Angry Birds Transformers game by collaborating to spare Piggy Island from EggSpark, the detestable realm that is attempting to assume control over the island. The test of finishing each level with various characters and never very recognizing what’s in store each fight makes Angry Birds Transformers game a pleasure to play.

Angry Birds Transformers Game 1

All things considered, this most recent from Rovio is a freemium title. There are commencement clocks for different things that make you hold up or pay to keep playing. Strangely, they didn’t trouble me excessively, however it’s vital to note for the individuals who avoid pay-to-play games.

Freemium Commencement Clocks

Tragically, Angry Birds Transformers game, like such a large number of different games – is a freemium title that has the feared commencement clocks. Still, they didn’t shield me from playing.

Here’s the means by which it works: After finishing a level, an EggSpark robot gradually strolls over and starts assembling the level back. When it is remade, you can hop back in with another character, yet the revamp procedure isn’t immediate. Truth be told, time and again amid my time playing at the larger amounts, I was compelled to sit tight over a hour for levels to be revamped so I could keep playing. There is, in any case, a choice to accelerate the procedure by giving over a portion of the valuable jewels you’ve earned amid gameplay. Despite that, once you come up short on diamonds, you’re compelled to hold up or pay up with genuine cash by method for in-application buys to get more pearls.

Sitting tight for levels to remake isn’t the main clock you’re confronted with either. Furthermore, as you redesign or revamp the strength of your characters utilizing coins, you’re additionally compelled to hold up. You have the choice to utilize pearls for moment delight here, as well, yet in the long run you’ll run out.

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Final Thought

Regardless of whether you can manage the commencement clocks or not, you’ll have to go into Angry Birds Transformers game with the outlook of taking as much time as necessary. Gone are the times of thoughtlessly propelling birds over the screen with not a single end to be found. There’s a ton to appreciate here, however it will take some persistence unless you’re willing to spend some money.

The game can feel dreary on occasion, yet returning to levels with another character and diverse weapons facilitates the repetitiveness. Simply recollect to spend your diamonds shrewdly, then when you spend them all, know you’ll simply need to calmly sit tight until it’s the ideal opportunity for the Autobirds and Deceptihogs to “rollout” at the end of the day. Angry Birds Transformers game is an appreciated takeoff from the slingshot approach found in past Rovio games, it’s still extremely engaging – the length of you wouldn’t fret freemium clocks.


Angry Birds Transformers game joins recognizable Angry Birds game play with a side-looking over shoot-them up Transformer approach; and it’s gracious so fun.


As you advance through the game, returning to levels can begin to feel redundant. You need to play at the pace the game sets or pay up.

You can download Angry Birds Transformers Game android version from here and Apple version from here.

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