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A number of mobile productivity applications work best as buddies to the desktop or Web rendition, while others stand totally all alone. Android Trello App falls into the main gathering. It’s an awesome correlative joint effort application, however it’s not a full trade for the principle benefit. It works better when you depend on the Trello Web application as your essential interface. Android Trello App is proficient at giving you a chance to stay aware of all the movement in your Trello account when you’re far from your work area, however you wouldn’t have any desire to set up a record without any preparation on a little gadget. In the occasion that you think about the Android Trello App as an adornment application, you’ll be happy with its capacity to keep you associated with your kanban sheets while you’re in a hurry.

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Android Trello App Review

Trello is an online apparatus for teaming up and overseeing work or thoughts. It utilizes a Android Trello App 1kanban-style work philosophy, which is exceedingly visual. Kanban-style apparatuses by and large provide you with sheets, on which you make segments (Trello calls them records), in which you put cards that speak to errands. The most straightforward case of a kanban board is one for a schedule. Suppose you have three sections named To Do, Doing, and Done. Each card has an assignment on it. To start, every one of the cards go into the To Do segment. When you’re prepared to begin doing a few assignments, you pick a couple and move the comparing cards into the Doing section. At the point when the assignments are finished, move the cards into the Done section.

Plans and Pricing

The Android Trello App is allowed to download, and you can make a record for nothing. Android Trello App offers a Gold premium paid record level, and also Business and Enterprise accounts.

The free Trello account gives you an unhindered number of sheets, records (or sections), and cards. You can add the same number of individuals to your sheets as you like, as well. You get what Trello calls “fundamental joining” with Box, Google Drive, or Dropbox, however you can’t coordinate more than one administration for every board. While you can transfer the same number of connections as you need, there’s a most extreme document size of 10MB.

Different Apps and Connectivity

Notwithstanding having a strong Android Trello App, Trello additionally has application for iPhones and iPads, and the Web application works in all the significant programs. The mobile applications are about indistinguishable to the site, which makes it simple to move starting with one stage then onto the next. There’s additionally a Trello application for Slack.


As a basic and lightweight kanban instrument, Android Trello App functions admirably on Android. It isn’t a full trade for the Web application, however it is a solid remain in at whatever point you’re far from your work area.


  • Disconnected usefulness. Works in both scene and picture modes. Liquid intuitive development. Decent meticulousness in settings.


  • Can’t zoom out on sheets. Better as a sidekick to the Web application than an independent application.
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