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Some Chromebooks were seeing issues while attempting to get to Microsoft Office Apps on Google Play Store. Given this, Microsoft has at long last cleared up the circumstance about its prevalent efficiency apps.

Microsoft Office Apps Issue and Clarification by Microsoft

Asus Flip particularly observed this issue with the message that the Microsoft Office Apps were unsupported on this gadget. Acer Chromebook R13 wasn’t getting this issue when tried. This factor confounded the Chrome OS clients in the matter of what Microsoft’s position was on this issue. Are Microsoft Office Apps not accessible on Chrome OS? Is there a confinement?

Microsoft discharged an announcement on the matter illuminating any issues or disarray the clients had. The announcement said,

Our technique has not changed. Office for Android is upheld on Chrome OS gadgets using the Google Play Store. While Google Play on Chrome OS is in beta, we are cooperating with Google to convey the best experience for Chromebook clients and plan to make the apps accessible on every single perfect gadget by general accessibility.

This update is uplifting news for Chromebook clients who needed to utilize Office on their gadgets. This feature will permit them to chip away at Chromebooks pretty much and also they can on a Windows tablet.

There is a concealed condition, however.

Free for Smaller Devices as it were.

Free Microsoft Office Apps

The Redmond organization has constrained the free form of the Microsoft Office Apps to 10.1-inch gadgets or littler. Some other Chrome OS gadget or tablet which is greater than 10.1 inches will need to get an Office 365 membership to utilize Microsoft Office Apps. Here’s the part of the announcement that specifies this condition:

In the wake of marking in with a free Microsoft account, the center review, making, altering and printing background is free in Microsoft Office Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile, on gadgets 10.1″ or littler.

On gadgets bigger than 10.1″, an Office 365 membership is the prerequisite for opening the capacity to make, alter or print archives.

The Greater part of the Chromebooks available are bigger than 10.1 inches; this implies you will be compelled to purchase an Office 365 membership to utilize Office on your Chromebook. Asus Flip will have the capacity to run the Microsoft Office Apps for nothing due to being 10.1 crawls in size.

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