Advanced Flight Systems

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is hoping to overhaul its C-130 flying machine with new advanced flight systems. Also, the new advanced flight systems will give the C-130s advanced elements. For example, better navigational abilities in serious climate conditions, advanced correspondence systems and present day flying elements.

Advanced Flight Systems Features

Rockwell Collins’ Flight2 systems will be utilized for this reason, helping the C-130s that are frequently utilized with respect to transporting other military gear and staff in vast sums. PAF will utilize the new advanced flight systems for 11 C-130E and 5 C-130B airplanes through US government’s remote military deals office.

What’s New?

The Flight2 framework will highlight new flight shows alongside a full glass cockpit. This new advanced flight systems will likewise include:

  • High Altitude Release Point (precision airdrop software)
  • Required Navigation Performance (RNP)
  • Area Navigation (RNAV)
  • HF (communication systems)
  • Computed Air Release Point (also airdrop software)
  • Modern digital autopilot
  • VHF (communication systems)
  • Digital map
  • SATCOM (communication systems)
  • Terrain awareness and warning system
  • Weather radar,
  • Traffic collision avoidance system,
  • Navigation sensors
  • Will Be Ready By 2020

The advanced flight systems will permit the C-130s to meet the present route, correspondence, and reconnaissance and air space administration prerequisites. These overhauls are relied upon to be finished by 2020. Rockwell Collins will likewise be preparing the work force for utilizing the new flight systems and will give specialized support too. Flight manuals, agendas and upkeep gear will be incorporated also.

AESA Radars

PAF is effectively required in different ventures too. One of them is the advancement of “Dynamic Electronically Scanned Array” radars, otherwise called AESA radars. Also, what makes these radars novel is that they can abstain from sticking measures. They incorporate a few handset modules, or scaled down radars as it were, each of them transmitting/accepting at its own particular frequency. This permits them to neutralize customary digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) construct jammers which center with respect to and stick a solitary frequency.

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